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General Project Information

Grant Agreement No: 740189 (CORDIS)
63 institutions from 23 countries, 13 core members, 50 network partners, among them 28 „new“ institutions
EU contribution: 7,998,747 EUR
SERI (State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation), CH: 1,014,603 EUR
toxogen GmbH: 413,279 EUR
Chemstat: 100,092 EUR
Total cost: 9,526,721 EUR
Duration: June 1st, 2017 - May 31st, 2023 (cost-neutral project extension until May 31st, 2023)
10 work packages
Main objectives:
  • Increase detection capabilities to an advanced technical level
  • Pan-European network of competence

In Detail:
  1. Evaluation and refinement of measurement procedures
    • Tools, methods, reagents, reference samples, matrices
    • Identification of a set of methods which deliver comparable results
  2. Establishment of a comprehensive mechanism to increase quality assurance in the field
    • By production and certification of reference materials including a concept for storage and distribution
    • By making tools, reagents and samples available for validation purposes in a European repository
    • By development and implementation of a stepwise European Proficiency Testing scheme
    • By provision of training opportunities on different levels and different methods for the toxins
    • By development of SOPs for best practice related to realistic scenarios
  3. Coordination of relevant laboratories, industrial partners and end-users working on biological toxins in the EU to spread know-how from experts to practitioners
  4. Evaluation of animal experiments for detection of BoNT