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EuroBioTox Publications

EuroBioTox publications
Zeleny R, Rummel A, Jansson D, Dorner BG (2019). Challenges in the Development of Reference Materials for Protein Toxins. In "Applications in Forensic Proteomics: Protein Identification and Profiling", Merkley E, Ed.; ACS Symposium Series #1339; American Chemical Society; DOI: 10.1021/bk-2019-1339.ch012 Available online as pre-print of the accepted manuscript (open access) under: Adobe PDF file icon 24x24
Worbs S, Kampa B, Skiba M, Hansbauer EM, Stern D, Volland H, Becher F, Simon S, Dorner MB, Dorner BG. Differentiation, Quantification and Identification of Abrin and Abrus precatorius Agglutinin. Toxins (Basel). 2021 Apr 18;13(4):284. doi: 10.3390/toxins13040284.

Livet S, Worbs S, Volland H, Simon S, Dorner MB, Fenaille F, Dorner BG, Becher F. Development and Evaluation of an Immuno-MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry Approach for Quantification of the Abrin Toxin in Complex Food Matrices. Toxins (Basel). 2021 Jan 13;13(1):52. doi: 10.3390/toxins13010052